Java is a 200,000 year-old genetically engineered caveman, a friend and aide-de-camp to Martin and
Diana. He works at Torrington Acadamy as a cook and a janitor. He assists them in their investigations, with his brute strength being useful when battling monstrous foes or breaking through barriers, and also serves as the team's tracker. A lover of lizards and spiders, Java nevertheless has fears of cats, heights, and technology (his fear of technology being a major joke in the show). Also the member in the trio who speaks the least, his English is spoken on a fairly simplistic level (i.e. "What that?", "Diana bald", and "Java no like this place"). Also, Java has a knack of thinking outside the box which greatly helped in the team's adventures. Java is, however, a significant source of comedy in the show through his reactions to various scenarios, and various situations related to his poor hygiene as a caveman (i.e. his offensive foot odor, stinky armpits and filthy breath). Diana once had to give Java foot massage after losing a bet to Martin, which she went so far as to wear gas mask to protect herself from the fumes. Java is sometimes the victim of being transformed into a monster, such as inhaling the Chaos Beast in its gas form, broken into pieces by the Djini (because he wanted to fit in better with the modern world) and brainwashed by a pirate controlled Martin. Voiced by Dale Wilson

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