Sewer Thing
Series Name
Season One, Episode 22
Air date May 25, 2004
Written by Alfredo Castelli,Michelle Lamoreaux and Robert Lamoreaux
Directed by Stephane Berry and Gregory Panaccione
Episode Guide
Summer Camp Nightmare
They Lurk Beneath

The Sewer Thing

The episode starts of with Dr. Trevor Sindler getting grabbed by the Rat Man at a bus station in Ottawa. The show then returns to Torington Acadamy to find out the Diana has been regected from being a Sci Sci Sci Serority Sisters because of her tolerance and spends the rest of the episode trying to be nice to Martin in order to prove she is tolerant enough to be a sister.

After their mission briefing the gang checks out the train station where Sindler disappeared and find sewer goo which Martin assumes belongs to an albino aligator. The gang finds Sindler's phone which leads them to the apartment of Roberto Frisk, the person he called before disappearing. They manage to get up to Roberta's apartment to find the Rat Man trying to grab her. The Rat Man pulled Roberta up the chimney and then down the outside wall in order to escape. Diana then comes across a book explaining the results of some genetics research done by Dr. Frisk and Dr. Sindler at General Splice labs where they work together.

The gang heads over to General Splice Labs in order to investigate where they find the lab in a condition "worse than Martin's dorm room on clean up day". While invistigating they heard a scream which leads them down to the basement which has the look of a rat's nest. They find Frisk and Sindler trapped in a cage but when they go to try and save them, they are stopped by the Rat Man. The Rat Man's spit seems to be able to cause Martin, Diana and Java to pass out. When they wake up the Rat Man declares he is going to go "finish the job" before leaving them trapped in the cage. After discovering Java was bitten Martin becomes worried he will turn into a rat just like Frisk and Sindler.

The gang then heads back to lab where they us the U-watch to hack into the security camera. They find out about a third scientist by the name of Dr. Maurice Muncy. They also discover that some of the formula spilled into an air vent. After investigating they find that the formula leaked down into the janitor's room. It turns out while Al Rizzo was sleeping the formula leaked into his bed and caused him to mutate into the Rat Man.

After the gang leaves the lab they head over to Muncy's apartment, which happens to be in the same building as Frisk's. They manage to get there right when the Rat Man is attacking Muncy. Muncy manages to explain to Martin how to create an antidote by heating up the formula and some of Al's DNA (Martin manages to grab some of Al's hair).

In the end MOM and some agents from the center turn Frisk, Sindler and Java back to normal. Al thanks the gang for saving him, while Sindler, Frisk and Muncy get taken off to jail for their unautherised experiments. Diana find out that all along it was Martin's idea that Diana should be nice to him to prove that she could be tolerant of anyone.

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